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Welcome to the Middletown Biodiversity Database, which contains thousands of records of organisms identified here in Middletown by the 2007 BioBlitz and by residents. This interactive web site allows you to access the database and get information on what species are found in Middletown, as well as where and when they were seen. In some cases, you can also view a photo.

The web site also contains some information about Middletown's diverse ecosystems, and provides links to local and state environmental organizations, as well as to web sites with more detailed information about particular species.

Collecting and sharing this information teaches us more about our wild neighbors and in turn can help us enjoy and appreciate them better. The database information may prove useful for anything from school science reports to conservation efforts.

We encourage you to explore the web site, and invite you to submit your own species records. We also welcome your feedback, which can be sent from the Contact Us page.

--Nick, Barry, John, and Kate
Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 06:00 PM

Update (10/22/07): Added over 80 photos of Beetles collected by Prof. Chandler of UNH!

Update (10/6/07): Added ability on Database page to view all species found in a specified region. New photos added!

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The Middletown Biodiversity Database is a joint project of The Jonah Center for Earth and Art and Wesleyan University.

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